Analogue Humidistat HR15 / HR50

A quick and cost effective way to control your grow room’s humidity, the Faran analogue humidistat is a great entry point to controlling your environment. Extremely simple to use, simply plug your humidifier in, turn the dial to the relevant point and away you go.


There is no external probe with this units so it needs placing in your grow room at a point where you would expect the most uniform and consistently average levels of the whole environment. Usually towards the middle of your room, just below canopy level. The unit then reacts directly to any changes in humidity, based on the levels you have pre-set it to operate at.


In a hydroponics grow room, humidity is possibly the most important aspect of the environment that you can control. It is partly responsible for regulating the amount of transpiration seen from a plant and without adequate transpiration levels your plant will suffer! Too low a humidity will result in your plant transpiring excessively, exceeding the amount supplied from the roots resulting in limp, droopy and floppy plants. Too high a high humidity will result in very low transpiration rates, causing issues with positive root pressure (leading to stretching) and leading to nutrient issues with elements such as calcium.

All sorts of issues can be negated with correct control over your humidity. This humidistat offers exactly the sort of controls required to create the perfect environment throughout the plants entire life cycle. Becoming particularly important during the first few weeks when hardening your plants off correctly is of paramount importance.


You should not consider humidity as a standalone variable, as it is directly related to the air temperature. The term ‘Relative Humidity’ is used to take account for this. Essentially the higher the air temperature is, the more water it can hold. Controlling and manipulating humidity on a particularly hot day can often be the difference between your plants suffering with heat stress, or continuing as normal. This humidistat offers the capacity to control humidity to exacting requirements, all year round.


Always ensure the unit is placed in a part of your room that gives you realistic reflection of the entire environment. Usually somewhere close to the center of your room just below the canopy, out of direct light.

  • Control over humidity
  • Internal probe
  • Easy to use – plug and play
  • Easy one-dial operation
  • Designed for hydroponic grow rooms