Alien 6 Pot Pro RDWC 55L

Alien 6 Pot Pro RDWC 55L. We are using the same proven negative pressure re-circulating method as our other RDWC systems yet taken this technology a step further by super sizing to a choice of 34 or 55 litre pots and a massive 4 inch pipe work. These increased sizes result in increased root space and unrestricted recirculation which maximises the potential for the largest yielding plants to be grown hydroponically.

The many benefits of using RDWC PRO


  • Easy to set up, break down and expand
  • Very little medium used
  • Easy to drain down
  • Chiller Ready

Greater Yield Potential

  • Increased growth rates produce larger overall plants and drastically reduce vegetative times
  • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • 34 or 55 litre pots for increased root space
  • 4 inch pipe work for unrestricted flow

Increased Efficiency

High levels of oxygen and constant circulation optimize plants nutrient uptake capacity.

Huge volume of nutrient solution means stable pH, EC/TDS and less change outs.

Maximum oxygen saturation from Norres Pro-Air diffuser.

How did we achieve maximum oxygen levels?

To achieve this we incorporated a Norres Pro-Air diffuser in the header pot. This diffuser creates micro bubbles which means the oxygen is suspended in the solution for a longer period of time compared to an air stone.

This diffuser cannot be compared to Chinese diffusers which are currently used in other systems.

Their rubber membranes stretch which can therefore produce larger bubbles, react with the nutrients and additives causing slime to build up in the system. The Norres Pro-Air membrane is a clear high durability premium ether-polyurethane which does not stretch or react with nutrients or additives.