Air Line Clear

Air Line Clear (200m ROLL) Durable, clear and flexible, Air Tubing is perfect for all your indoor gardening needs. Great for use with hydroponic systems, air pumps and air stones too.

High Quality Low Density Poly Pipe commonly known as Black Poly pipe. It is used for both DIY and professionally installed irrigation systems in domestic gardens. Poly Pipe from the Watershed Water Systems is both durable yet flexible.

Designed to be used with poly fittings to irrigate your garden. Simply push together a variety of available poly fittings to make the suitable shapes for your garden beds. DIY domestic irrigation systems are very easy to install with unlimited usage.

The most cost effective for small to medium size gardens and the budget conscious, available in different sizes to suit your garden needs.

Various Sizes: Air Line Clear (200m ROLL), Air Line Clear Per M