8Inch Revolution Vector EC Silenced Fan

Upgrade to Frictionless EC Motors that Generate Massive Pressure Levels, Save Money on Energy and Offer Unsurpassed Controllability

Vector EC fans will make your extraction system more efficient, economical and effective, while offering a whole new level of controllability. And they’re also built with the same rugged and robust build quality that have given RVKs their reputation as the go-to fans in the industry.

  • Features a cutting edge frictionless digital EC motor
  • Silenced capabilities for a smooth air flow
  • Various sizes available
  • Generates incredible pressure levels
  • Can be regulated from 1% to 100% – fine-tune your environment
  • Saves you money – uses 50% of the energy of other fans
  • The product of years of engineering work and research & development
  • Features a new optimised impeller design that streams air more efficiently, directing it in a perfectly straight line
  • Lowers friction against sidewalls of ducting
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Elegantly designed, corrosion proof, compact and lightweight
  • Built to a standard that will ensure smooth operation for years to come
  • Loses very little pressure when used in conjunction with a carbon filter, unlike many of its competitors
  • Incredibly whisper quiet, virtually silent with Phonic Trap Ducting attached
  • Built using expensive, high grade components

How Vector Fans Work:

Vector fans feature frictionless electronically commutated (EC) motors that deliver a level of efficiency that blows the competition out of the water. They use around half the power of a tradtional duct fan, saving you piles of cash on your energy bills. They also generate huge pressure levels, moving a ridiculous volume of air for their size and dealing with the drag factor created by your carbon with ease. The Revolution Vector fan is perfect when absolute silence is required and by attaching Phonic Trap Ducting to your Revolution Vector your maintaining virtually zero noise.

It should be noted that Vector fans need to be used in conjunction with a G.A.S. fan speed controller, which was designed and engineered specifically for use with EC motors. The results are tuly mindlowing: you can regulate fans with pinpoint acuracy, right down to 1% of their output in 1% increments, and with no buzzing or humming! Did you know that when you turn a typical duct fan down to, for instance, 50%, it will deliver less than 50% of its rated airflow and it will continue to use 100% of the power! That’s because they were never designed to be regulated in the first place, making the process inefficient. Vector fans, however, were engineered specifically for the job. If you turn a Vector down to 1%, you’ll get 1% of the max output and it will use around 1% of the power – a true feat of engineering!

EC Vectors have been engineered to stay completely air tight, with fully sealed composite casings. Small gaps in the casings of other fans can affect airflow, and worse still, they can lead to unwanted smells leaving your growroom. Air can be drawn through these gaps without having to first pass through your carbon filter, which can cause big problems! Choose a Revolution Vector and it’s an issue you’ll never have to worry about.