750w Adjust A Wing Hellion Complete Kit

750w Adjust A Wing Hellion Complete Kit. Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are designed to provide a greater level of control over your lighting footprint, allowing you to direct light outwards in multiple directions, while getting your lamp closer to your plants. The Hellion takes this much-loved concept and improves on it by adding the most efficient form of HPS technology available: a 750w 400v double-ended lighting system.

Choose the Adjust-A-Wings Defender or upgrade to the 95-97% reflective Avenger

Gets extremely close to plants without causing burning (down to only 45cm away!)

Utilises highly efficient 400v technology for maximum light output per watt

Features adjustable wing positions and lamp heights to optimise the light spread

Includes a super-efficient 750w lamp – provides unsurpassed light output per watt

Delivers a PAR output of up to 1500 µmols

Great for 2-metre-high grow tents and areas with lower ceilings

Comes with a Super Spreader to diffuse radiant heat

Super lightweight and incredibly easy to set up

Comes with everything you need to get going

Switchable between three different settings: 450w, 600w and 750w


1 x White Adjust-A-Wings Defender or the 95 – 97% reflective Avenger

1x  Hellion UHF Ballast

1x  750 Watt Hellion Double-Ended HPS Lamp

1 x DE Lamp Holder

1 x Reflector Connector Rail (w/ screws)

2 X Hanging Brackets

1 x Hellion Super-Spreader

1 x UK Mains Cable