6inch Pro Series Cool Shade Reflector

6inch Pro Series Cool Shade Reflector The professional way to keep temperatures suitable for plant growing within the grow area.

Made from tempered glass. Also Enhance the light your plants receive from your grow light with this excellent air-cooled reflector. Also The resulting light will allow your reflector to be closer to your plants. Therefore resulting in more intense growth due to the specially designed reflective aluminium interior.

In addition, the light surrounding environment can be kept at comfortable temperature. When used with an exhaust fan with vent ducts connected to the integrated flanges.


*Note; heat from the bulb is ducted away via the 150mm – 6″ openings on the ends of the reflector in a similar manner to that used with Cool tubes.

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Available Sizes: 6″ Pro Series Cool Shade (Small) & 6″ Pro Series Cool Shade (Medium)