600w Gavita Pro line Classic Full Fixture

600w Gavita Pro line Classic Full Fixture. The Pro 600 was the first Gavita fixture developed for residential voltages in the retail market. The year it was introduced it immediately received an European industry award. The compact complete fixture contains a lamp, HR96 reflector and horticultural quality ballast in one comprehensive package.

The integration of ballast and reflector results in a compact fixture. No external lamp wires results in low EMI, which makes it easier to comply with FCC regulations. All our fixtures are FCC compliant.

Our fixture is not a contraption of a remote ballast and reflector. It is a fixture designed as a complete fixture. The high quality white coating is durable and UV resistant. All the terminals are sealed with gaskets and contact and terminals are high quality.

The fixture is balanced, so it can be mounted by just two hanging points. This enables much easier installation by brackets from C-profiles for example.

The high voltage lamp technology results in a better efficiency of the arc tube. More light for the same power (10-25% more than traditional single ended lamps). These lamps are best suited for extreme high frequency electronic ballasts. Creating a stable arc without acoustic resonance. Also assuring optimal output and a long lamp life.

The smaller arc tube and outer balloon require the lamp to be nitrogen filled instead of vacuum. Which prohibits it to be air cooled. Also air cooling of the lamp results in lower lamp temperature. Which results in sub-optimal light output Up to 15% less than specified. Therefore these lamps are not suitable for direct air cooled fixtures.

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