315w Lumii Solar with PRO Lamp

315w Lumii Solar is a complete fixture that powers a 315W LUMii SOLAR PRO lamp that will give your plants the best possible spectrum of light.

When it comes to growing a quality end-product, nothing quite compares to CDM lighting. This will show with healthier plants full of vigour leading to larger yields of better quality. The LUMii Solar 315w CDM Grow Light is bringing sunlight in doors! Whilst this is a high-end grow light, it comes in at a budget price, giving everyone the chance to take full advantage of CDM lighting.

  • Full fixture light – ballast, reflector and lamp in one unit
  • Integrated short circuit protection
  • Can be used as a stand alone light or as a supplemental
  • Extremely high levels of PAR (Photo synthetically active radiation)
  • Highly efficient to run
  • CDM lamps create superior plant usable light, like having sunshine indoors
  • Lower heat output than standard HPS lighting

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