Measuring Jug with Handle

1Litre Measuring Jug with Handle is an easy way to pour out and measure various different liquids such as water, nutrients, boosters, pesticides etc. Great for thick liquids or larger volumes than a syringe can easily manage.

  • Tough, plastic measuring jug.
  • Marked from 100ml to 1000ml with 25ml graduations in-between
  •  1/4 pint to 2 pints with 1/4 pint graduations in-between
  • 5 fluid ounces to 40 fluid ounces with 5 fluid ounce graduations in-between
  • Measurement markings on both sides
  • Can be used to measure thick, viscous liquids as well as normal ones
  • No rubber – can be used to measure strong acids and alkalis like pH Up/Down
  • Strong handle for easy carrying and pouring
  • Also Built-in pouring spout helps avoid spills and drips

Measuring Jug with Handle 1Litre, 5Litre