The Trim Buddy Tumbler Trimmer reduces harvest time considerably. Completely automated and easy to use. Used for wet trimming.

  •  Easily dismantled  for cleaning and storage.
  • Low Noise. Produces 65Db. at 1m.
  • New and improved exit door.
  • Cutting Area: 18″ x 18″,
  • Blade Fan: 15″
  • 3 Speed Settings

The Trimmer is used for separating protruding excess leaves and cutting twigs from a variety of plants and flowers. They can also be used to cut plants and bushes like rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, lavender, coriander, parsley, and to prepare essential oils and mixed flowers for aromatherapy and potpourri.

Built to the highest standards, as always, this unit will save you hours of hand trimming.
Literally turns hours of work into a job that will take a matter of minutes.

Uses strong metal gears, 16 x 5mm thick high grade silicon fingers for maximum tumbling performance. All the Stainless steel in high grade 304 and 1.3mm thick.

The unit dismantles easily for cleaning and storage.

We believe this to be the best value, and most superb quality electric trimmer.

Manufactured with high performance parts your satisfaction is guaranteed

  • Harness the power of 100+ scissors
  • Can be used for Herbs, Flowers, Hops ,Potpourri
  • Easily washable
  • Non toxic
  • 5mm High Grade Silicon Fingers
  • Powerful Dual Motor Design
  • 1.3mm thick 304 Stainless Steel used throughout
  • Highly Effective, Quick and efficient

Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer

The Trim Buddy Tabletop trimmer includes everything you need to massively reduce the trimming time of your crop, you wont believe how quickly you can trim your produce. A sturdy metal mesh seperates two powerful spinning blades with attached air venting fins. These perfectly trim your crop and suck away debris into the included waste bin. The grate can be lifted for easy cleaning and the mesh waste bin easily detaches for removing debris and washing.

  • Trims large quantities of plant material with little effort!
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Easily dismantled for storage and transportation
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • 3 speed settings
  • Quiet running


1 x Tabletop trimmer
3 x sets of replacement blades

Tabletop Trimmer Dimensions:
Length: 460mm
Width: 460mm
Height: 650mm
Top Mesh Circumference: 380mm

Tabletop Trimmer Boxed Weight: 

How the Tabletop Trimmer Works:

The Tabletop Trimmer gives you a flat metal grate with spinning blades attached to a motor houses above a fabric mesh waste bin.

A set of rotating blades sits close to the underside of the grate. Fitted to the two blades are a set of flaps, which can be angled in a similar way to a propeller, sucking air through the grill of the workstation. Untrimmed, fresh plant produce is then rolled over the grate in a circular movement, and any leaves that penetrate the grill are removed by the blade.

Excess leaves are sucked into the collecting bag, eliminating mess and keeping the surrounding area clean and tidy; the gathered leaves can then be disposed of or put to use for other purposes.

How to use the Tabletop Trimmer:

The Tabletop Trimmer is designed for use with freshly harvested material. Never attempt to use this product with dried plant matter! To get the best out of the Trimbox, leave harvested material on the branch. Use the length of the branch to hold plant materials just above the grate, using a twisting motion to ensure even trimming. The suction of the flaps will pull leaf matter in towards the blades, removing leaves in the process, while the grate preserves the integrity of the required plant parts. Never apply pressure to the grate, as doing so could potentially cause it to make contact with the spinning blade and could also damage plant materials that you would otherwise wish to preserve.

If you wish to sharpen your blades, loosen the screws located on the top of the blades. Give the blades a thorough clean using isopropyl alcohol. Once any residue is removed, use a grindstone to sharpen. Do so by moving the blade along the grindstone at your desired angle in a ‘left to right – right to left’ motion.