16L Easyfeed Fabric Pot

For Faster Root Growth and Stronger Plants

16L Easyfeed Fabric Pot Containers utilise root-pruning technology to produce dense, radial root systems that utilises every inch of space in the container, eliminating root circling. Healthier roots mean healthier plants – you can expect to see shortened vegging times, stronger plants and bigger yields! You’ll need to feed your plants more often than in regular pots, but if you’re running an EasyFeed System, you can let the Water Timertake care of that for you!

  • Manufactured from high-quality fabric
  • Comes with handles – move your plants without disturbing roots
  • Encourages the development of a dense, radial root system, eliminating root circling
  • Can be re-used multiple times
  • Speeds up vegetative growth periods
  • Accelerates root growth and development
  • Helps to prevent root diseases from ever taking hold
  • Fits perfectly in an EasyFeed Tray

How EasyFeed Fabric Pots Work:

Other gravity-fed systems come with old fashioned solid pots, whereas the EasyFeed system is equipped with fabric pots. Solid pots create lower numbers of longer roots that circle repeatedly around the bottom of containers. Most of the substrate in your containers is often left unoccupied by roots, which is obviously a huge waste. Cloth pots fix this fundamental issue using something called ‘root-pruning’.

In root-pruning containers, roots grow towards the outer edges of the substrate until they hit the fabric sidewalls. At this point, the fresh air causes the end of the root to die off, and a new one is sent out from the centre of the root-zone. This triggers the development of a dense, radially structured mass of roots that fills every bit of space within the container. Breathable fabric also comes with other great benefits: it increases the level of oxygen around the rootzone, which accelerates the whole process detailed above, while allowing heat to dissipate more freely, keeping rootzone temps in the sweet spot. Stronger roots equal stronger plants. And stronger plants mean BIGGER YIELDS and a better quality end-product.

The fabric pots used are extremely high-quality and come with handles, so that you can turn your plants without disturbing root hairs and causing stress. Turning plants regularly will help to ensure that light reaches all sides, for even growth and better developed fruits. These pots naturally seal the substrate inside the container, whereas regular pots have holes in their undersides that can often allow bits of soil or coco to fall out. Fabric pots keep your grow room cleaner and tidier while preventing blockages.

Fabric Pot Sizes:

22 litre: 28 x 28 x 28cm