16Inch Ram Wall Fan

16Inch Ram Wall Fan Ideal as a grow room wall fan, this 40w oscillating fan features a 16” blade and three speed settings. It has pull cords for ease of use rather than remote control operation so if for any unforeseeable reason the power supply gets interrupted the fan will automatically restart rather than waiting for a remote start.
A wall fan in a grow room is ideal for circulating the area to avoid any hotspots occurring from the lighting equipment.

TIP: Simply installing a wall fan into a hydroponic set up in a grow room is not enough to provide a full ventilation system.

Maximise Floor Space and Circulate Air with a RAM Wall Fan

Every square inch of floor space is important. So why lose space to an oscillation fan when you can mount it on the wall? The RAM Wall Fan is sturdy, reliable, quiet and perfect for circulating air inside your grow room. It has three speed settings to choose from, and in the event of a power cut the RAM Wall Fan will automatically restart when power resumes.

  • Wall-mountable oscillating fan with a 16-inch diameter blade
  • Choose from 3 speed settings, which can be controlled by either the dial or pull cord switch
  • Controlled oscillation using the other pull cord switch
  • Automatically restarts in the event of a power cut
  • Perfect for saving valuable floor space in your grow room
  • Fitted with a 40w reliable yet quiet motor
  • Comes with full instructions, wall mounting screws and wall plugs

How the RAM Wall Fan Works

Plants “breathe” in carbon dioxide through small pores in their leaves called stomata. Plants like a little air movement because it refreshes the air around them, giving them more carbon dioxide to breathe. In addition to this, a little air movement helps to keep your plants cool during the summer months and when they are sitting underneath hot lamps. The 16-Inch (400mm) RAM Wall Fan is a great way to keep the air moving in your grow room without losing out on valuable floor space by attaching it directly to your wall.

The RAM Wall Fan has 3 adjustable speed settings to choose from via the dial or the pull switch and can oscillate from side to side (using the other pull switch cord) to buffer air around the grow room. The fan blade is powered by a quiet 40w motor which will restart in the event of a power cut.

How to use the RAM Wall Fan

Assemble and mount the RAM Wall Fan according using the instructions, screws and wall plugs provided. We usually recommend facing the fan towards a wall. So that the air-current “bounces” off the wall to create the air movement in the room. Rather than facing it directly at your plants. Adjust the speed of the wall fan by turning the central dial or pulling the pull switch cord on the right-hand side the and set the oscillation movement via the pull switch cord on the left. Plug the fan in and switch it on.

Note: Never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fans own speed switches to control the fan speed. If an air circulation fan is connected to a fan speed controller designed for in-line duct fans, then it will burn out and possibly start a fire.