Full Set Up Kit – Large/Advanced

Perfect for more experienced growers wishing to upgrade to a larger scale grow set up. Double your grow size to 8 plants.

Gorilla 1.2 x 2.4 x 2m

8” Rhino Inline Fan, 8” Can Lite Filter, 8” Combi Ducting, Jubilee Clips

2x Hortiking Digi Light Kits

2x Ratchets

1x Thermometer

8x 18L Square Pots and 8x 18L square saucers

4x Mills Light Mix or Canna Coco Natural

2x Windking Oscillating Fans

1x Starter Feed Kit (Canna Coco A&B OR Canna Terra & Flores) 1L, 250ml Canna Rhizotonic

1x Heavy Duty Timer

Upgrade to premium buy adding Autopot 8 pot system


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