1000w Sunmaster MH Lamp

1000w Sunmaster MH Lamp range of Vegetative growth lamps have an altered colour temperature. To maximise the amount of blue spectrum available. This can mean an increase of up to 30% of blue light over other Halide lamps.

The Sunmaster Metal Halide grow lamps are a staple for old school growers. Who prefer to use a dedicated blue lamp for vegetative growth rather than a dual spectrum.

Producing a predominantly blue spectrum, Sunmaster Metal Halide’s will keep internodes closer together, allowing plants to stay squat, but also encouraging stalks and stems to become robust during the 18/6 light schedule. This gives plants a strong framework before they begin the crucial flowering phase.

Once lights are switched to 12/12, a dedicated red spectrum grow lamp should be used as the main lighting source, but the Sunmaster Metal Halide can still be used as a supplementary light, helping encourage greater fruiting and flowering, along with increased essential oil production.