1000w Lumatek 400v De Lamp

Professional 400v lamp for double ended systems only.

1000w Lumatek 400v De Lamp electronic high frequency HPS lights are the most efficient lamps in the industry.

These Lumatek 1000w 400v DE Lamp produce the highest PAR spectrum ( culture) light and as such are the number one choice for horticulture and walked cultivation professionals.

The 1000w Lumatek 400v De Lamp has been engineered to use with Lumatek 1000W 400V electronic ballast.

The lamp is using high-grade ceramic arc tube technology. Specific horticultural gas blend that creates optimal spectral output for healthy plant growth.

Double-ended HPS lamps are more stable than traditional single-ended HPS lamps.

This allows them to have a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR/PPF output.

The increased light intensity also enables the lamp to be positioned further from plant canopy increasing light footprint & light uniformity if desired.

The PCA ceramic arc tube permits the lamp to operate at higher internal temperatures increasing colour rendering, output and efficiency.

PCA resists interaction with the chemicals inside the tube which stabilizes the chemical mix over the life of the lamp. There by improving colour consistency and PAR/PPF level maintenance.

Pulse-start technology enables faster start up & restrike time, longer lamp life and increased lumen maintenance.

Key Specifications:

Bulb Shape: T32.5
Lamp Power (W): 1000W
Power Voltage (V): 240V 50Hz
Lamp Current (A): 5.2A
Rated Hours: 10,000
CCT (K): 2100
Luminous Flux (lm): 146,000
PAR (micromol/sec): 2100
CRI: 30
Base Designation; K12x30s (DE)