1000w Adjusta-Watt 400v DE Euro Kit

This kit delivers 400v Super HPS technology for a truly breath-taking price. Really, nothing else in this price bracket comes close! You’re getting three very highly specced pieces of professional growing equipment: the Adjusta-Watt e-Lite Ballast, the Sol-Digital Super HPS 400v DE 1000w lamp and the DE Stealth Euro Reflector.When put together they’ll perform on a par with systems built by the likes of Gavita and Dimlux, delivering an enhanced lumen output, happier, healthier plants and most excitingly of all, yield increases of anything up to 20%.
High-Frequency Super HPS Lighting
Delivers heavier yields than standard 230v lighting
Fully switchable – like having three systems in one: 400w, 600w & 1000w with Overdrive (1100w)
Optimised to run at different output levels without compromising spectral output
The most efficient HPS lamp on the market
Extremely high levels of photosynthetically active radiation – PAR Value 2050 umol/m2/s
Fast warm-up and re-strike times
Ballast with 95% efficiency rating
Thermostatically controlled fans that keep the ballast cool at all times
Smart Start Ignition Control deals with inrush current when running multiple systems
Soft Start eases in lamps over a period of 3 to 5 minutes
RF shielding to prevent interference with radio / broadband equipment
400v adjustable digital ballast that’s 30% more efficient than typical magnetics
Custom Sol-Digital DE Reflector – the finest quality Euro Reflector out there
Certified 95% reflective aluminium
V-shaped hanging attachments for hanging the reflector easily
This Kit Contains:
1 x Adjusta-Watt e-Lite 230v / 400v ballast, 1 x Super HPS 400v DE 1000w, 1 x Sol-Digital DE Stealth Euro Reflector
How the Adjusta-Watt 400v Super HPS Kit Works:
400 Volt Super HPS technology is much more efficient than standard HPS, running at a higher frequency with a higher voltage and a lower current, producing a greater lumen output for the same power consumption. The Adjusta-Watt Super HPS kit offers you this professional-grade technology for a price that’s within the budgets of most hobbyists! Expect to see an increase in yield of anything up to 20% over a typical HPS set-up!
Adjusta-Watt e-Lite Digital Ballast 1000w
As you open the e-Lite’s box, it’s immediately obvious that the team at Adjusta-Watt have put a considerable amount of effort into it’s design. It’s incredibly compact (23.5cm x 14cm x 5.5cm), elegantly styled and features a build quality that instills confidence the second you pick it up and handle it. Internally, the e-Lite works by converting a standard 230 volt UK power supply to 400v in order to drive the Super HPS lamp. It has two thermostatically controlled fans that keep the ballast running within the correct temperature ranges at all times, helping to deliver a 95% efficiency level.
It comes with a Smart Start Integrated Ignition Control System which deals with electrical spikes when switching multiple systems, starting ballasts on the same circuit at slightly different times. The Soft Start feature gradually eases light levels up over a 3-5 minute period, helping to prolong the life of the lamp.
As a fully adjustable ballast, it’s capable of driving the Super HPS lamp at settings of 400w, 600w, 1000w & 1100w. Read more on how this kit excels with this functionality in the lamp overview below.
Sol-Digital Super HPS 400v De 1000w
This double-ended (DE)1000w lamp has a ridiculously high PAR rating at 2050 umol/m2/s. What this essentially means is that the plants underneath it will be bathed in high levels of useable plant light (PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation). This in turn produces a long list of obvious benefits – increased growth rates, overall improvements in health and vigour and greatly increased final weights. As is the case with the other lamps in the Sol-Digital range, the 1000w Super HPS has been specially optimised for use with adjustable digital ballasts. The e-Lite features four output settings, effectively giving you three systems in one: a 400 watt system, a 600 watt system and a 1000 watt system complete with overdrive feature (1100 watts). While other lamps often lose efficiency and produce a weaker spectral output when turned down below their rated output, Sol-Digital lamps are optimised to maintain a consistent spectrum, regardless of the setting, losing little in terms of efficiency, even when dropping right down to 400 watts.
DE Stealth Euro Reflector
This is no ordinary Euro Reflector. For a start, it’s equipped to house the double ended lamp (K12x30s holder). It’s officially certified as 95% reflective, with excellent diffusion levels, and is built to a very high standard, with a branded top plate and V-shaped hangers for attaching your rope ratchets or hangers. The lamp cord is also fully shielded, eliminating the chances of interference with radio or broadband equipment.
Reflector Dimensions: 47cm x 35cm x 35cm