Silenced Hyper Fan 1810 m3h

Whisper Quiet, Super-Efficient, High-Powered Digital Motors

Silenced Hyper Fan 1810 m3h Hyper Fans were the first digital multiphase fans to hit the market. And they’ve been developing a loyal following ever since. This version is built into a cylindrical casing that reduces noise levels even further than usual, while offering the same benefits as regular units. Hyper Fans are more powerful than typical AC fans, quieter and much more efficient, so they’ll easily pay for themselves in energy savings alone. Make the switch to digital tech and you’ll never look back


1 x Hyper Fan (choose your size above)

Recommended additional purchase: G.A.S Hyper Fan Controller (this will regulate the output levels of your fan according to the temperature levels in the room)

How the Hyper Fan Works:

Digital Fans offer numerous benefits over traditional AC fans. Firstly, they’re much more efficient, meaning that they shift a greater volume of air for every watt of electricity consumed. Over time, you’ll save a fortune on your energy bills, and this money can be put to use in other areas of your grow room. Digital motors also generate incredible static pressure levels, so adding a carbon filter won’t affect air flow as much as it can with other fans. Hyper Fans feature self-lubricating bearings, which makes them incredibly durable. For peace of mind, Hyper Fans come with a two-year guarantee, but you can reasonably expect them to last much longer.

A tethered fan speed controller is included with this unit, which allows you to manage airflow levels straight out of the box. It’s worth bearing in mind that this controller is not temperature sensitive – if you want to regulate fan speeds according to room conditions, then you’ll need to buy a separate controller.

Energy Savings:

Here’s a quick breakdown of the energy savings you can make when you switch to a Hyper Fan from an AC fan with a roughly comparable airflow:

6-Inch HyperFan (535 m3/hr)

0.035 kw/h  x  24 hr  x  365 days  =  306.6 kw/h per year

6-Inch KSA (730 m3/hr)

0.26 kw/h  x  24 hr  x  365 days  =  2277.6 kw/h per year

At 17p per unit of electricity (the UK average), the Hyper Fan would cost £52.13 to run on full-power for an entire year. The KSA, on the other hand, would cost £387.19!!! That’s a maximum potential saving of £335!!! Note that the KSA fan is slightly more powerful, but even with this difference factored in, the HyperFan is much more economical to run for every cubic metre of air that it shifts.


For those looking to push the boat out, we’d recommend Revolution Vector ECs. Vectors use innovative, electronically commutated motors that generate even greater pressure levels than Hyper Fans. They also reduce the volume of air that hits the sidewalls of your ducting by directing the airflow directly forwards (and not outwards). Vectors are the result of millions of euros worth of research and development by the team at Systemair, and for that reason, they do come with a larger price tag. However, if you’re on a tighter budget and you’re looking for the next best thing, then you’ll love the Hyper Fan.

Hyper Fans come supplied with a Non-Active 5m Male to Male Cable. This cable can be used to connect to a compatible controller, like the G.A.S Hyper Fan Multi-Phase Controller, the GHC or the Enviro Controller.

If you’re running the G.A.S Hyper Fan Multi-Phase Controller and you want to use two fans, then you’ll also need a Non-Active Y-Splitter.

How to Use this Product

Hyper Fans are used to either draw stale air out of your grow room (extraction), or blow fresh air into your grow room (intake). The fan can be hung in the required location using the eyelets provided at each end. Many users prefer to use bungee cords, which help to reduce noise and vibration.

The fan should be mounted so that the required air-flow direction matches the arrow mark on the casing. On the output side of the fan, slide your ducting over the outlet sleeve and secure it in place with a Duct Clip.

Use a fast-clamp to connect the fan directly on to a carbon filter. Make sure that the filter is rated at a similar air-flow to the fan. Connect your fan speed controller and plug the unit in.

Do not under any circumstances put your fingers into the spinning blades of a fan, especially an in-line type. Even a small fan has enough power to cause severe injury and loss of fingers. Just don’t do it, no matter how tempted you are. Keep ducting runs as short as possible, as every metre of ducting reduces the flow-rate that the fan can achieve. The more ducting attached, the lower the air-flow. Bear in mind that a carbon filter can reduce air-flow by about 20% just on its own. When turning a corner with ducting, try to create a swept bend rather than a sharp knee, as this will limit air-flow the least, and will help to keep wind-noise down. To further reduce noise, stretch flexi-ducting out as much as possible or use acoustic ducting.


Diameter: 250mm
Airflow: 1810 m3/hr
Max watts: 170w
Peak amps: 1.1

Available Fans:

8″ Silenced Hyper Fan 1206 m3h

10″ Silenced Hyper Fan 1810 m3h

12″ Silenced Hyper Fan 3100 m3h