10 Inch G A S AirOzone 250mm

10 Inch G A S AirOzone 250mm generators effectively remove odours from your grow room environment. Eliminating all odours from the air in your ventilation system before it leaves your ducting. When used in line with a carbon filter this adds another layer of security preventing you releasing unwanted odours out of your duct work.

AirOzone ozone generators have been developed for grow room environments to maintain high levels of Ozone while matching the size and air flow through your duct work. We have taken the guess work out of Ozone generators. Working with our specifications you’ll not exceed the maximum air flow through the AirOzone generator.

Designed and made in the EU the AirOzone is a quality product and can be serviced by us once the ozone plates are no longer running at their full potential.

G.A.S AirOzone Max airflows

AirOzone 250mm – 1800 m3/hr

G.A.S AirOzone Ozone plates

AirOzone 250mm – 3 plates

G.A.S AirOzone Power consumption

AirOzone 250mm – 30 Watts

The AirOzone Ozone Generators are designed to be used with a compatible carbon filter, and metallic ducting – Aluminium, Combi or Acoustic.

If possible try to have the ozone generator slightly lower than the fan and filter as this will make it more efficient. A minimum ducting run of 5m after the ozone generator is recommended to give the ozone time to work.

These do not come with a plug fitted. For best results have the extractor fan and ozone generator wired to come on and off together to avoid any ozone build up.

Inhaling ozone is a bad idea, make sure young children and pet don’t come into contact.