Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that consists of growing plants, crops, or medicinal plants without soil and in an aquatic medium. This aquatic medium is usually made of water-based mineral nutrient solutions. Terrestrial or aquatic plants tend to grow with their roots exposed to nutritious liquids.

However, the entire hydroponic farm is a rather delicate process, and it often succumbs to slugs and dirt that can significantly impair the productivity of the entire farm. As one of the leading hydroponics equipment suppliers, we are going to suggest a bunch of tips and strategies to keep your hydroponic farm hygienic and clean.

Tips to maintain your hydroponic farm in the utmost hygienic state

You may require a specific collection of tools and cleaning products while trying to clean your hydroponic farm and get rid of bacteria. The performance of your entire farm will be impacted and impaired by spilt water, decaying plant products, and problems with air intake filtration. Hence, you need to repair and maintain your farm to optimise its efficiency. Let’s delve into these tips:

  • For most hydroponic systems, the ideal pH is held to be 6.5. You should keep a continuous vigil on the pH level since it needs to be maintained within 5-8 to prevent the plant roots from getting harmed. There are many ways to adjust the pH levels of the nutrients, using different kinds of pH up and pH down solutions.
  • We strongly advise changing the reservoir’s water every four weeks.
  • You should use a non-toxic cleaner to wipe out your reservoir.
  • You can remove the debris, sludge and other solid accumulations with scrub bush and liquid dish soap.
  • It is advisable to completely sterilise the hydroponic system every once in a while.
  • You need to use a gentle, lint-free cloth to clean the light’s surfaces, including the bulbs and the reflectors.
  • Avoid adding bleach to a functional system.
  • You should scrub any area that the algae has covered with a decent algaecide or bleach solution once a week. It will help keep the bacteria under control.

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